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Engineering - 2/28/2019 - Week 4

Today we got our robot approved by Mr.Martin. We also started work on our concept for the Figure 8 challenge. Also trying to finish our SolidWorks design.

Engineering - 2/26/2019 - Week 4

We finished programming the robot, had some issues with port 1, but it’s been fixed. Now it’s running just fine.

Engineering - 2/22/2019 - Week 3

Today we look to fix our motors on our robot and fix issues we are having regarding it. It's a bit confusing as we have no idea why the cortex started smoking. We also are continuing to work on our solid works design.

Engineering - 2/20/19 - Week 3

We finished putting together the base of the robot today, although the Cortex got a bit smokey, so we had to replace it. On the bright side, it works. It also looks great!

Engineering - 2/15/19 - Week 2

Today we started testing the motors and the joystick. We started the robot a bit early, but luckily both the motors work. Making sure everything works before we move forward

Engineering - 2/11/2019 - Week 2

Today all that really happened was Dylan finishing the SolidWorks portion of the robot, which we decided previously would be the squarebot. Therefore we should be starting on our robot next class. Mr.Martin was also not here today :(

Engineering - 2/7/2019 - Week 1

Today, we worked on our SolidWorks build for our frame of the SquareBot. Me and Adrianna organized our toolbox and re-inventoried as well. That is about it for what was done today, now we just need to wait for the approval of our frame.

Engineering - 2/5/2019 - Week 1

Today we started use with blogger and figuring out how to set up the pages for our bios etc. For our first blog we are going to outline our goals which are to finish re-inventory, start building our robot in SolidWorks and hopefully get approval from Mr.Martin.