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Engineering - 3/20/2019 - Week 7

Still struggling to complete the challenge. Adriana suggests to change the wheels but to do that we basically have to take apart the entire robot. We both agree to try our best to complete the challenge with our current robot and put that off until break.

Engineering - 3/18/2019 - Week 7

We are still working on our Figure 8 challenge. It is a bit difficult for us as we cannot pinpoint the issue of the robot, we begin to guess its something on the physical side. On a lighter note we are finally finishing up our SolidWorks drawing.

Engineering - 3/14/2019 - Week 6

We finished two laps of the figure 8 this class! On another note, the assembly on SolidWorks got deleted so we got to start all over with that...

Engineering - 3/12/2019 - Week 6

The code got erased from the computer, so we had to start over again on the figure 8. Luckily we caught up to where we left off.

Engineering - 3/8/2019 - Week 5

Adin programmed the robot’s figure 8, we mostly spent this class testing it and tweaking some things.  We may have to continue working on it next class if we get the chance.

Engineering - 3/4/2019 - Week 5

I (Adrianna) was alone today, so I tried to program the robot autonomously but I'm not very experienced with programming so I didn't get far.